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Our Brand Story

Strategic Creative Consulting is about the highest use of both our Logical (mental & analytical) and our Intuitive (emotional, creative & spiritual) energies and the combination of these capabilities to create and deliver practical solutions that will help our clients, their businesses and the world. We believe that a perfect balance of both is necessary to achieve optimum and sustainable results.


The brand symbol of Strategic Creative Consulting reminds us that every individual and organisation is a unique creation capable of unlimited possibilities and that each can manifest the highest potential.  At the heart and soul of each individual and organisation is a star that can shine the light for all of humanity and the world.


The colours of our brand are gold, purple and red. Gold is a valuable, precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity. We use the colour gold to symbolise the precious, hidden star in each individual and organisation. Purple is a rare occurring colour in nature with uplifting and calming effects on the mind and spirit, it encourages imagination and creativity, and is associated with the higher self, divine wisdom, fulfilment, and vitality. All the attributes we hope to bring to others in the work we do. Finally, the red in Strategic Creative symbolises the passion, the leadership, the vibrant energy, the confidence, and the courage that we uphold in our company’s mission and vision.


We strive to bring blessings through our work to all our clients and their businesses and hope that their businesses will be a blessing to the world.

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