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About Strategic Creative Consulting

Strategic Creative Consulting (SCC) is a boutique consulting firm based in Singapore with global connections, focusing on helping entrepreneurs, SMEs and international corporations grow their businesses in Asia and connecting with global markets.

At SCC, we believe every business has the potential to grow and succeed. We know that for entrepreneurs and business owners, taking risks and navigating uncharted waters can be daunting, and that is why we are here to support you in your journey.


We help businesses achieve success through

  • The right Strategy 

  • A compelling Brand

  • Publicity & Media Communications 

  • Result-driven Marketing & Sales 

  • Innovation & Productivity

  • Overseas Marketing & Business Development

  • Developing Human Capital, Skills & Talents

  • Raising Capital to fuel Growth and Expansion

We want to uncover the star in each business. We want to be your partner for success. By providing our knowledge, expertise, experience and connections, your business will grow in all the ways you imagined.

We picture a world where every business is thriving, from the family-owned business to the global corporation. Successful businesses contribute to vibrancy and prosperity in our society, and we promise to do our part to help all good businesses grow and thrive.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses so they can create jobs, offer better products and services, realise their personal satisfaction and wealth, and make the world a better place. 


Our vision is a world where every business successfully contributes to a better society.


  1. Value Creation.  We strive to add-value and make a difference in all that we do.

  2. Results Focused. We believe in the attainment of concrete results and the pursuit of excellence.

  3. Creativity & Innovation. We seek new ways and ideas to achieve transformation and exponential growth.

  4. Ethics, Integrity & Professionalism.  We serve the highest good of everyone in mutual benefit, fairness, reasonableness and truth.

  5. High Performance Teamwork.  We believe in the synergy of individual unique skills, talents and experiences.  Together, we achieve great results!


For over 30 years, founder Daniel W. Paul Ho has helped global corporations grow nationally and expand internationally. During his time working for global corporations such as Sony International, Philips Electronics, PSA Corporation and Levi Strauss, Daniel realised he has a deep passion for helping businesses thrive. He turned that passion into Strategic Creative Consulting (formerly People Trends), a boutique business consulting agency that helps businesses navigate the demands of today to achieve the successes of tomorrow.

Over the years, the Strategic Creative Consulting team has grown to include innovators and leaders who share a similar passion for guiding small and large businesses in growth and impact.  As a team, we promise to assist you in expanding your company's vision and help you achieve business results from survival to thriving. 

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